Slidebox showing all slides at once

Hello everyone,

Basically I have a tutorial modal which contains only a ion-slide-box which only contains our tutorial images. The images in the modal are defined to be full-screen via css. This works great on every device we have tested on except for our Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (4.2.2). On that device, all of our tutorial image slides are shown on top of each other. We can still swipe between them and the pager updates correctly but always you can see all three images on top of each other.

There is a similar forum topic to this but the reporter states that he found his issue in the css and then the topic was closed without any word to how his css was causing this behavior.

Due to limitations, I cannot post my html for the tutorial modal but it really is just a ion-slide-box inside of a ion-content tag inside of a ion-modal-view. The slides are generated via ng-repeat (We are using ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update() as well).

The fact that it only happens on one of our device makes it both hard to track down yet not very pressing of an issue. If anyone has encountered this and would like to share their story and hopefully a solution then that would be much appreciated.