Slidebox : go to an index between controllers



I can go to an index inside a slidebox with : $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(index)

but, is there a way to pass this information outside the slidebox ? look at the user template

push “Skip intro”, now, i want to go to slide 2 when pushing "Do Tutorial Again"
is it possible ?

thank you


Not sure if this is the most optimal solution but I’d create a custom service to store the information as to what slide index to display. The $ionicSlideBoxDelegate has a slide() method but you won’t be able to call that from another controller (MainCtrl). You’d have to call that from your IntroCtrl. Hope that helps


is it possible to add it to a codepen ?
I’m still learning then its hard to understand the concept :smile:

thank you


Sure. I added a service in this codepen to track the index and then synced the slide box index with the service using active-slide attribute. I also changed the Ionic build to the latest stable builds as opposed to the nightly builds. The code still needs some refactoring but I hope this helps.


that’s exactly what i was looking for !
than you for your time !