Slidebox callback

I’ve seen this question asked in a few places and no one has managed to come up with a satisfactory answer; is there a way of using a callback method on a slidebox update? By this I mean, after a slidebox content has been updated (be that by a change in the model or any other factor), how can we call a method knowing for sure that the update has completed and the slides currently presented are final?

Why’s this an issue? Well, I have several slideboxes in a view, some of which have dependencies on others. When one updates, another must re-evaluate it’s slides and re-render itself accordingly. Once that re-render has finished, I need to call other methods but they will only succeed if the slidebox has completely finished updating itself.

Timeouts are not an option. They’re dirty and I’m frankly amazed at the frequency I see people suggesting them as a viable solution for any JS issue where you can’t possibly predict the time it will take for an operation to complete :smile: