Slide Box don't work inside nested view

Hi everyone, I have this issue: I did a page with a nested view and inside the template of this view I put a slidebox, but it doesn’t initialize.
Here is the code for routing:

.state('app.productdetails', {
      url : '/productdetails/:id',
      views : {
        'content@app' : {
          templateUrl : 'assets/tmpl/productdetails.html',
          controller : 'ProductDetailsCtrl'
        'related@app.productdetails' : {
          templateUrl : 'assets/tmpl/relatedproduct.html',
          controller : 'RelatedProductCtrl'

Here is the html for productdetails.html:

<ion-view name="content" title="PRODUCT DETAILS">
      <ion-content class="has-header" id="productlist">

          some things here...

       <div ui-view="related">


And here it is the html for relatedproduct.html

    <h2>RELATED PRODUCT</h2>
    <ion-slide-box auto-play="true">
             <div class="box blue"><h2>BLUE</h2></div>
             <div class="box yellow"><h2>YELLOW</h2></div>
            <div class="box pink"><h2>PINK</h2></div>

The controllers are empty at this time
Anyone can tell why it doesn’t initialize??