Slide animation when navigating v0.9.19


Am I doing something wrong here?

I’ve taken the navigation example on CodePen and expanded it. I’ve added a welcome page that the app now starts on. When I click on any of the buttons the app navigates to the page with the tabs.

However the slide animation of the page (or the header) doesn’t seem to occur, plus there is no back button back to welcome?


Ok I’ve got the animation working now but still no back button??

I wrapped the directive inside a directive to make the transition appear.


There won’t be a back button to the welcome back because its not in the same history. Its the same as if you navigated to a few pages in one tab, then switched to another tab, the new tab wouldn’t show the back button.

In your case you might want to add a link back to the welcome screen.


Ah ok. That would explain why sometimes the back button does appear when moving back an forth using the browser buttons.

So the question I have now is how do I accomplish that?! :smile: