Skype O365 sdk does not update the status of user after few hours while running in background? in android device

Hello All,

I am working on ionic platform and making one Android and iOS application.

Application requirement: Skype for business O365 login will be there for user and then minimizing the application it will change the status of user like busy, available and note as well on regular interval.

What I have done: I have used Cordova background mode and Skype websdk.It’s logging in fine and setting the status fine while using in foreground.

Problem I am facing: If I put application in background mode then the status is setting for few minutes but after that somehow it’s not setting the status.

So, I am thinking that might be some scenarios:

Might the Android or iOS stopping the background service.
Might the cordova background plugin not working properly.
Might the Skype websdk stops after some time while running in background
I am researching for the above aspects as well.Any of you guys have any idea/help/suggestion about the problem i am facing it.So, I can resolve that ASAP.

Thanks in Advance…!!!

What does it use to determine if you are busy, available etc?

Please provide a link to the source of this plugin so we can have a look and don’t have to google ourselves and guess which one you are using.

Suppose my status is online and i am calling to you and you are also offline then the status of your profile is offline and i am getting a notification you (other person )are offline mode.

Hmm? In your first post you described the app to be a login and then the app is minimized. There is also call functionality?

yes calling functionality.

Then I don’t understand how you app works. Especially the “setting the status”. How can my status change if I have the app in background?