Skip login view if user is connected

Hello !

I have an application, the first screen is the login screen.
The goal is to skip this screen if the user have a session on the server.

I can check for the session in function but i can’t change location from this function.

I can go to the main screen from the login screen but the user can see the login screen during 0.1 second and i don’t like it

What is the good practice to do this ?

maybe can i force location routing in ?
maybe can i change view from login screen before this screen appear ?

Thanks all :smile:

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@rdb, you can change the location from the function.
You have to inject $state to the run function.
Then, you can check whatever you want (authentication stuff - session on the server, etc.) and redirect the user to the relevant state.

For example, if there is no session on the server, you call $state.go(‘app.login’); where ‘app.login’ is a state defined in your config function.

Yes but when the app handle the server response the app is ready and i am in the login page, at this point $location don’t work. I made differently :

when the Login page appear i display an overlay on the app with a loader. After server response, if connected we go in app, else I let the user login.

( I don’t use UI Router so my routing object is not $state but $location )

Thanks for reponse @meni I think your idea work if the request in is synchronous, else response come too late.

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know this is an old post, but here is a solution I used in a project

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That looks interesting, what i made is an overlay in the landing page during checking authentication, with that its possible to show a css animation :smile: