Size for Designing?

Starting to design our project to be built in Ionic. Just wanted to check what size artboard to use for best practices? e.g 750x1334px for iOS? or should i design in dpi?


What iOS device are you aiming to ?

4S and above, but also want it to be available on Android as well

In that I think the size doesn’t really mater cause you will need to work with proportions and not fixed pixels anyway so you will be compatible with all the platforms you need.
I would suggest to work with 2X ratio and work with percentage scale.
hope that what you meant :smile:

Ok thanks!

Yes that is what I meant, I’ll get started in 2X then

@jkwong If you want to be safe, 3x is technically what the iPhone 6 plus and larger phones like the galaxy note use. So if you want things to be super crisp that’s always a great starting point. 2x will still look awesome though and is a little less of a hassle