Single quote versus double quote in VS Code


I am using VS Code with some extensions

I tried to import a module which works fine but i always have to change the double quotes into single quotes manually.

IS : import { } from “module”;
SHOULD : import { } from ‘module’;

Where can i change from double quote to single quote ?

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I don’t know anything about VS Code, but one thing you can do is to change the “quotemark” entry in tslint.json from single to double if you prefer double quotes (I do).


In tslint.json it was is set to “single” and is “double” now.

Now i have another issue to get around :slight_smile: The whole code itself is having “single” at the moment.
Now i need a way to convert them all to the new “double”, that it works, There must be another Setting, maybe in VS Code.

What i could do, would be : stay in “single quote” but then i have to now how i change the setting of intellisense or whatever it is, that gives me “double quote” snippets


i found the solution.

VS Code Setting : “typescript.preferences.quoteStyle”: “single”

Brg Dietmar

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