Simple GET rest.. why so slow? :-(

Hi friends I started with Ionic this week I made my firs app and I was very happy building it… until I use the app in a real device (Nexus 4) I don’t understand why so slow to get REST data from the server. I don’t understand why so slow. I just create a simple select menu with two itens I need wait almost 5 seconds. The backend is fast. When I the app in the browser (ionic serve --lab) it works very fast. I’ll need to create a local cache to simple things like a select menu and so on?

I used --prod option to build and run


Can you share code that people can use to reproduce your problem?

Your device’s performance is to low, maybe you should use another mobile phone to test.

I think that I found the problem… The problem is not with my backend or Ionic… I got problems when I tried to access from external network, to allow this access I needed to create a redirect of port 3k to my Orange PI zero that runs my backend (node+mysql using json :stuck_out_tongue: ) I don’t understand why but when I removed the redirect the things become fast! I made other test changing this redirect to my MAC that’s very fast and the problem occur again… I just don’t understood why when I access my rest backend from the Postman or Browser the backend give a response very fast. The problem is only with Ionic only but now the app running fast without any redirect in my network.

I’ll finish my app and make a test using a commercial host.