signInWithRedirect does not display when using ionic emulate


I’ve upgraded my ionic 1 app to firebase v3. Since then my signInWIthPopup for Facebook Login has stopped working.

These are the steps I have taken so far and it’s mostly working, except on the emualtor / testlfight!

  1. switched to signInWithRedirect and then getRedirectResult
  2. found that signInWithRedirect displayed a white screen, partial fix by using cordova whitelist plugin and putting into the config.xml (will specify the urls later)
  3. ionic serve --livereload, ionic emulate --livereload both will now display the user login window properly

Outstanding Issue: ionic emulate does not open the signInWithRedirect window at all

I’m not sure why!

that currently is not supported in the newest version of firebase, you will need to manage getting the auth token yourself.

See example project here:

        .then((_response) => {

          /// THIS IS THE MAGIC ....
          // - See Documentation
          let creds = firebase.auth.FacebookAuthProvider.credential(_response.authResponse.accessToken)

          let providerConfig = {
            provider: AuthProviders.Facebook,
            method: AuthMethods.OAuthToken,
            remember: 'default',
            scope: ['email'],
, providerConfig)
            .then((success) => {
              console.log("Firebase success: " + JSON.stringify(success));
            .catch((error) => {
              console.log("Firebase failure: " + JSON.stringify(error));

        .catch((_error) => { console.log(_error) })