Signed APK get errors while debug API doesn't

After I sign API with jarsigner and then zipalign the API, $ are not working.

$ method is returning error in signed API while in other, it works fine.

While I sign the APK, I get a warning message which says:

"Warning no -tsa or -tsacert provided … "

Hi @degroundshaker,

Instead of running jarsigner and zipalign manually, can you try the following instructions?:

This will allow cordova build android --release to use your keystore and do the jarsigning and zipaligning for you. I found that I ran into several issues when doing it all manually.

Let me know if that works for you.


HI Nic,

Thank you for support.

Problem was with my Self Signed SSL which is now fixed.

Debug APK exclude SSL exception i believe, thats why it dint give me any error but a signed one did.

And for generating .keystore file I got a warning regarding -tsa. Which have to do with the expiry date,I dint get this bit in your blog,so if u mention it somewhere with detail or get me a link, it would be great.

The validity attribute determines the expiration date of your keystore. The value goes by days which is why they recommend 10000 as the length.

Does that answer your question?

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I am facing the same problem. Can you explain in detail how you fixed it please ?

I know its too late to reply, but try checking out if you are making a call to http:// or https:// url’s.
This was the case with me!

I had to change my https:// URLS to http:// since I had no SSL installed on my server, hence, my calls were not working.

Rest of it, was solved by answers of Nic above.