Sign apk file with jks key

i have coding my ionic app and ready for last step is signing the apk. But in the tutorial it only show how to sign apk with .keystore file format and i only have .jks file i got from my android native app previous.
I attempt to replace my android native apk on google play by changing this app’s package name same like native apk’s name and sign with the same jks key
so the question is how do i sign my apk file with jks key file ?

.keystore is usually just a different name for .jks.

i tried the command on tutorial with my jks file, the log say apk is signed (with some warning about cert or rsa something) but that apk cant install on my device or my emulator like the unsigned apk. Is that the fault of my jks file ?

That probably depends on the warning you are getting and the error when installation fails.