Sidemenu Error


If have a sidemenu with some listitems. If I click an item I change state with $state.go(‘anotherList’). Everytime I do this I get an error:

Error: [$compile:ctreq] Controller ‘ionSideMenus’, required by directive ‘menuToggle’, can’t be found!

Please gibe me some help. This is a showstopper for me.


Hmm, so it seems that your going to a state without a side-menu, or at least Angular thinks you are. Any chance you put a codepen together?


I stripped my app to a basic app. Just to show the problem. I tried to creat a codepen. But my code did not work. Maybe because I not have experience with codepen. Here is a link to te pen:

See the Pen rBFCw2 by Piet Crombach (@pcrombach) on CodePen.


BTW Tell how do I put code in a post? You are right. I’m switching from a page with sidemenu to pages without sidemenus. Is this not possible?


To put your codepen in a post, just past the url.

I was checking out your codepen and was getting a crazy amount of errors in the console. So much that the entire project wouldn’t start, just a heads up


Hi Mike,

Please help me. This problem is a big showstopper. I did not managed to build a codepen again.
I zipped my codepen. You can download this .zip here.

Copy this into the www of a webserver. I hope you now can see what is wrong.