Side menu with owlCarousel


Hi there,
I’m newbie with ionic yet so I wonder to know how to prevent opening left side menu when user swipe on carousel.
Here is the gif that explains what happening GIF

I am swiping owlCarousel to the left it shows next slide - it is ok. When I am swiping to right content start to sidebar begins to unfold. How avoid this?


@Dorado i have the same of issue. You solved ? However, my OwlCarousel in a browser is working, after when i make it apk and downloaded to my phone. Thats isn’t work, not swipping. Please help to me your carousel solution. Thank you. Best regards.


i founded solving your problem. <ion-side-menu-content drag-content="false">. Make this solution…


hello @Erlan I have no memories about solving my problem it was really a long time ago. But yes I did something similar you and to have the possibility to fold side menu with the swipe I made two tiny swipe invisible areas on the sides of the viewport and attached swipe events on them/ so if you want to unfold the menu you should swipe from the edge of the screen