Side menu stop being displayed when navigating

Application has two main pages, each of these pages has a different side menu. When navigating back and forth between these two pages, the menu stop being displayed correctly.


Bug repo:

Am I doing something wrong? Is having two different side menus a bad idea?

Well, it might be confusing to users?

How about opening your second menu from a button on the right?

I get your point, but I’m really asking about a coding problem rather than a design one. The repo and the animated gif do not replicate my application, just the specific problem.

There’s never more than one menu displayed at a time.

Are you just running it in a browser from Ionic Start? If so, try compiling as a web app, or running on a device and see if the problem persists. It might just be a problem caused by the debugging environment??

Well it has been confirmed to be a bug by the Ionic team. You can find a temporary workaround in the github’s issue. It’s not perfect, but it mostly work.

The bug is present running on iOS, Android or browser.