Side Menu Madness

Implementing ionic side menus seems to be the most convoluted thing ever, with weird, unintuitive dependencies. Why does it seem so tied to state?

For instance, for the side menu starter app, I’m simply trying to add a right-side menu to just one of the views. I only need it to appear on this one view (let’s say the “Playlists” view), so logically it doesn’t make sense to have the menu be a parent state to this view’s state. I also doesn’t make sense that it would go into menus.html, since only this view will have this right-side menu, and other views (in theory) might have different right-side menus.

All I want is a side menu widget I can arbitrarily plop into the view template. 16 years in web development, 3 hours of fiddling around, and I can’t figure it out. Last time I felt this frustrated with a technology, I completely scrapped our JQ Mobile implementation in favor of Ionic.

Can someone take the side menu starter app, and create an example?

Disregard. I found this: Ionic : Left & Ride (sic) Side Menus

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