Side menu hint


I’ve a question about UI design: when you have a side menu that’s normally closed, how do you indicate to the user (at least for the first time) that it’s there? Seasoned users are conditioned to notice the menu icon in the header bar, but this seems rather unintuitive to newbies.


You could do something like giving a ‘tour’ that can point out aspects of the app. One such example would be or just overlaying an image like in these images.

I’ve also seen some apps that when you first open it makes the side menu bounce open and close a little to demonstrate its existence.


Thanks for the suggestion. The overlay seems easiest!

Now, if I wanted to show a sliver of the menu to encourage the user, how would that be done using Ionic?


That would be up to you, to animate it using some CSS animations or JavaScript animations.


You could do something like this.


Ah, that is really clever. Many thanks for the example and inspiration.