Side Menu Crashes Phonegap on S4s with 4.3

Just wanted to give you a heads up.

I’m developing an app using the following libraries:

  • ionic v0.9.23
  • Phonegap 3.1.0
  • Samsung S4 with Android 4.3

When I use a side menu, the app crashes and does not even open. When I remove the side menu from the HTML in the index.html everything works fine.

I hope this helps anybody developing on that platform.

Thank you

@tabb0 Thanks for the heads up. Any chance you can share a sample or the actual code with the Ionic team. It would really help them be able to solve the problem.

Ok, after I disassembled my app piece by piece. I found the script that was causing the issue: bootstrap.js

I removed the reference entirely, changed everything I was using with that. And now the Slide Menu is working on an S4 with Android 4.3.

I hope this helps.

Thank you