Side menu and getOpenRatio when content released

Hi guys and thank you for this awesome framework.

I’m working on a project which uses the slide menu component and the getOpenRatio method to change the zoom during the drag of the content.

When I release over the 0.5, obviously the content will open (or close) to the end but the value of the function getOpenRatio go directly from 0.5 to 1 with no intermediate values​​, resulting in a non-smooth zoom animation.

This is a desired behavior or there is another method to obtain the intermediate values​​?

Thank you.

Can you provide a codepen example of what you have for code?

Take a look at this example of how to use getOpenRatio

This example is very simple (I’m new to Angular and Ionic), but as you see the opacity of side menu pass from 0.45 (depending on release position) to 0 with no intermediate values.

I’v put a console.log inside the $watch so you can see better the value of getOpenRatio.

Thank you.

Sooo two things

  1. this kind of functionality should be a directive, not done in a controller.
  2. I think the reason it was flashy was the background color. I removed it in this example and it seems pretty smooth