Side Drawer content Nested States Transitions

Hello, I’m designing an application for mobile phones using cordova. I’ve made some good progress where I can transition between state to state inside my side menu content while still having drawer working. The way I have the interface designed is to have the side drawer and header bar be loaded once and the side menu content be the area of state transitions. I could not get my content to display below the header bar so I padded it down. However the issue is when I push things down the state transition animation pads also, oddly I tested menu-close directive in the tag, so it seems like the padded area is holding previous state of side menu content. I would prefer not use use menu-close so I don’t reset the history stack on my states.

Here is a link to my plunker where I’ve implemented this.

You’re help would be greatly appreciated


I solved the issue where instead of padding, I realized that the needs to have a top margin not a top padding.