Showing White Screen

Showing White screen after splash in slow internet connection can some help me for that.
Thanks in Advance

Hey there,

So we’re gonna to need some more information to pin point what could going on.
Are you able to run your app in the browser without any issues?

hello ,
Thanx for your reply. yes i am able to run this on browser but i have to run this app on device it gives white screen after splash not every time but where net speed is slow. sorry for my english please help me.

Okay, are you testing this on an ios or android device?

Even I have the same issue. On throttling at 250 kbps nothing appears.

I have testing Android…

helloo, I have found that this issue is arrived due to Network Plugin can you check it ?

Can you share some code? A bit hard to figure out what the issue is without knowing whats going on

Just standard http get request to a remote server that returns a JSON file. On a faster connection it works all right but on 2g connection I get a white screen. Ionic loading wont even show up even though I call it explicitly apart from http interceptors.

Thanks @siddhartha. Please Hhelp us @mhartington

Still @kapilkarda, can you provide an example of your code? I have an example app that makes http requests and even if I deactivate the cell signal, I wasn’t getting a blank white screen.

Try to hide the splashscreen in code:

$ionicPlatform.ready(function() {
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 3000); // set timeout (go more if you need)

So the app got more time to load ant the white screen between splash and app will disappear.

@mhartington " I wan’t getting a blank white screen." What does this mean?

Hello @m1crdy, Thanks for reply i have apply this code but it work some time not every time…

Again, there’s not a lot that anyone can do to help with out seeing some code or an example. If you could be something together and throw it on github, we’d be able to figure out the issue.

Hello @mhartington

Thanks for your reply can u suggest me that how i have to run my app in android 2.2 its working fine on android 3.0+ version and i have 1 more issue that our app is not visible on android 4.1.2 version on playstore can you help me please its more important for my product please help me and have a look on the link

Thanks in Advance :).

Android 2.3 - we don’t support

Not sure about the 4.1 support on the play store. What do you have your min-sdk value set to?

Minsdk is 8 and maxsdk is 19 ?

You should set the min-sdk to 14 and max-sdk to 20. As for the white-screen, I can’t really do much with out some code. Please share some code so that people can help you.