Showing home page instead of login if already logged in without animation

Im trying to setup some logic so that if a user is already logged in they bypass the login state and go directly to home. For the most part this works, however the transition from the login state to home still occurs on mobile devices (it works as intended in the browser), which is not what I want. I just want the home screen to appear instantly, as opposed to the animated transition of the home page sliding in over the login. The login page is at the root of the app.

when the app runs, I use an if statement to check if the user is logged in.

// bypass login screen and show home if the user is already logged in
    if (User.isLoggedIn()) {

is there any way to accomplish what I want and simply make the home view appear before the login view has a chance to come on screen?

You could use the $ionicHistory service:

  disableAnimate: true


awesome that got rid of the animation! however, the login page is still visible for a split second, any ideas on how to alleviate that?

In my app I have it the other way around: set a default home page, when starting up check if authorized, otherwise show login.

In my $ionicPlatformReady function:

// Platform ready
$ionicPlatform.ready(function () {

   $log.log("Application initialized", $filter('date')(new Date(), 'short'));

   // Show login page if not authenticated
   if (!AuthService.isAuthenticated() && !appConfig.IS_DEBUG_MODE)

I have a base controller in my apps (something like the ultimative mega hyper controller, that handles stuff needed in every view).

There i am listen on $stateChangeStart event of the ui-router and checking if i need authorization for that state and if i am authorized.

if everything is fine i redirect to the state if not (i am not loggedin and trying to go to a restricted view -> show login or if iam logged in and trying to show login-view) there are special handlings.

If you using this event your dom is not rendered and you do not see any pages before.