Showing decimal point "." and negative sign "-" in numeric keyboard

Hello, i have an input with type = “number”, when trying to enter a value using web browser on my android, the keyboard is containing “.” and “-”, but after packaging it into apk using cordova tools, the keyboard is only showing numbers.

Is there something missed on my side?

Same problem here, all I know is that it’s more of a android bug that concerns some models of Android phones (such as Galaxy S4 / mini)
I haven’t found any solution yet except :

  • using a virtual keyboard
  • using a type=“tel” input (definitely not a satisfying solution but allows dots)

Thanks for your reply koko, is there any cordova/ionic virtual keyboard plugin that handle this issue?

Not that I know of…

The input of type="tel" is OK. Try it.

Thanks, I will try it, but It’s semantically invalid according to HTML5 rules.
btw, the keyboard on pure android (original google keyboard) handles it well, but my htc one keyboard doesn’t :expressionless:

It’s no so OK (at least on my Galaxy S4 mini) as it shows unwanted characters such as # and -
Also the dot is not on the main keyboard but in a secondary keyboard.
It’s a lot less effective than a plain numeric keyboard with all digits and the dot on the same view.

any solution for above issue? I am also facing same issue.