Showcase: Tinder for Hacker News!


Hi all,

Just realeased my first ionic app, HN Cards:

It’s applying the Tinder-linke interface to Hacker News, which I’m sure some of you like to browse a few times a day :wink:

The app is 100% free, any feedback will be most welcome!


Pretty cool.

Any chance of being able to syndicate feeds other than HN? This would straight up replace my reliance on pesky social media maintenance webapps…


do you have it on github?


Thanks for the kind comments!

@emcniece: the intention is indeed to build a similar interface to syndicate anything.

@duall: not yet, I need to clean the code a little bit…


PS: anybody with a Product Hunt account who could help me have HN Cards posted there by any chance?


If you guys want to help a fellow developer get noticed on Hacker News, one of my colleagues posted it there:



Your app looks really great!


Thank you!
I couldn’t have made it without Ionic to be honest…


Nice app @pierre! This is a really unique way to browse HN, one of my favorite sites :smile:


Thanks, coming from a Ionic co-creator this means a lot to me :smile: