Show return byte array as pdf

Hi. I have a webapi service that returns byte array to me. I need to show this byte array as pdf. How can I do this? Can onyone give me an idea. Thanks in advance.

if you backend sends the correct content-type "application/pdf"
you could do something like'APIURL');

So the webview/browser should get notified that the result is an pdf. You also can try to use an iframe instead of

But i do not know if this is working anytime of any device.

It would be easier to download the file to the device and try to open it afterwards

Not exactly sure what you want to do. For client side pdf generation you can have a look at pdf.js. For the correct server response you might have to set the content - type to ‘application/pdf’.
This blog post mentions both btw:

my webapi returns byte[]. This byte array is a pdf file that saved on system. So, I will take this btye array from server, and then I will convert it to pdf again.(show this as pdf)