Show Login-Screen on top, not within ion-nav-view

Hi there,

my app has an abstract view (“main”) with lots of sub-views, that are displayed in “ion-nav-view”. In my abstract main controller, I load a class (singleton) into the Scope (let’s say it’s named “test”). In my MainCtrl, I check if “test.user != 0” (i.e. if user is logged in). If false, I’d like to display a login screen (“welcome”), without showing the side-menu.

How can I achieve this?
When I define $stateProvider.state(“welcome”) without the abstract state “main”, I cannot access “test” via Scope (test has a method for logging in via HTTP). So “welcome” has to be within main ($stateProvider.state(“main.welcome”)). But

.state("main.welcome", {
	url: "/welcome",
	templateUrl: 'templates/welcome-start.html',
	controller: 'WelcomeStartCtrl'

does not work.

Thanks in advance!

Can anybody help?

I try to paraphrase the problem: I am using a Sidemenu and normally states are defined like this:

.state('main.home', {
	url: '/home',
	views: {
		'menuContent': {
			templateUrl: 'templates/home.html',
			controller: 'HomeCtrl'

But I do not want to load “Welcome” into menuContent, it should cover up the whole space and not display the menu bar.

The code above (main.welcome) does not work. Probably because I haven’t defined views:?!

PS: I don’t want to use $ionicModal, since my welcome screen is pretty complex (it’s like a guided tour).