Show list of all device's images?

I looked at the camera plugin and it seems to allow you to take a picture and grab the image OR launch a selector that allows you to select an image that gets returned, but I would like to grab a list of all images, render rtbumbnails of all in a list and present my own selection UI. Has anyone managed to do this? Examples? Sample code?

Not really sure about this… Google served me this: It is built with jquery-mobile, but you might be able to just extract some logic from it. Hope this helps :slight_smile: No experience on this :wink:

My logical mind would say you have to use the file API from cordova (look at the ng-cordova wrapper ), somehow hook it into gallery directories, or traverse it to all directories filtering files with an extension and processing this… But no experience on this at all :wink:

Keep in mind though that you won’t be able to capture every folder due to API restrictions (your app may never reach app-specific foto’s etc, while the gallery selection might provide access). This last point won’t really give a problem I suppose though.

Was someone able to do this till now ??? Require same thing in my application where I need to read device images and show them in my view sorted by date… any plugin or tutorial or code pen on how to do this ??? Thanks

The problem is (looking at ngcordova docs) , there is no function to get all files in a folder … Or did I missed something?

Maybe start of with this

it has a get all function

use File:

it has a method called ListDir that will return a list of entries(files) in a particular directory of a particular path.

hey, anyone having solution or got solution ??