Show content after button click


I am new to ionic and angular, i need to show the result after button click event …What should i need to do…? Please guide me…
this is my index.html code…

  <ion-header-bar class="bar-positive">
    <center><h1 class="title">Share Calculator</h1></center>
  <div class="list list-inset">
              <p>Enter the Total Value of Company</p>
              <input type="no" placeholder="Total Amount" ng-model="a">
              <p>Enter Your Partnership Investment Amount</p>
              <input type="no" placeholder="Your Investment" ng-model="b">
              <p>Enter The Total Profit of Company</p>
              <input type="no" placeholder="Profit" ng-model="c">
              <p> share : {{b*100/a}}</p>
      <button class="button button-outline button-positive" >
          My Share


if you are using ionic 1 and angularjs --> search for ng-click, ng-if and ng-show


Thanks For your reference… and if u figure it out means …guide me how to add that