Show 20 occurrences according to a number!

Hi everybody,

I would like to add a feature on my application that displays 20 people according to their number of heart !

Let me explain, I currently use ionic with firebase as a database! And each person has a heart number, we start with 0 and then another person can send us a heart ect!

With this data, I would like to be able to display on a page 20 people who have about the same number of hearts as us, that’s why I told myself that it was good to post 20 people whose number of heart < number of hearts of our own account + 10 (+10 so that it is not only lower heart but also higher)! However I can not do it at all! I learned the SQL queries or it seems very easy but IONIC with FIREBASE using TS it completely blocks …

If a person helps me thank you enormously it would totally unlock me !