Should I be using RequireJS for my project?

So I’ve been spending the last couple months working on my first large scale project, building a hybrid mobile app with ionic, cordova, and building with telerik appbuilder.

I recently got a new manager and after having a look at the ever growing list of script tags in my index.html file, he starting asking if I’d heard of RequireJS before and suggesting it might be a good idea to use it. I’ve just assumed that angular dependency injection will include things when I need them and there wasn’t a performance hit by me having my script tags in the index.html file, since all the files are deployed locally to the device.

This also lead to a conversation about how since I’ve never had a large project that I’d finished through to production, I don’t know much about what I’d do to finish this code in production. I just assumed I could minify my script files and concatenate them in the order I had listed them in the index.html.

Up to this point I’ve been the only one working on the project, so keeping the order of the script tags correct hasn’t been an issue. Assuming that other team members might be joining my efforts soon, what suggestions do people have for developing a cordova/ionic app in a best practices way? Should I be using RequireJS?