Sharing and printing is not working in iOS

Hi all
I am working on app which use printing and sharing functionality. I have setup both printing and sharing successfully i.e working fine in Android but not work in iOS. in IOS it behave strange. it work when I click on print icon and after that again click on status bar again. Please suggest what i am doing wrong here.

   let printData = this.printContent(); 
     alert("Error while printing!");

hi , before print data you must check if printer is available ,

you can use :
isAvailable() and check()

Should i also do for sharing also because sharing also has same issue.

Should i also do some thing for sharing also

this.socialSharing.share("",""+this.record.orderNo+" Sale Order",folderpath+"/"+filename,null).then(() => {

}).catch((error) => {
  // Error!

No success. It still not work. It only work when i click on status bar after clicking on original icon.