Sharin audio file

Hi, guys, I need help, I can not share the audio file for whatsapp, I do not know what else to do. My code is this:

It simply opens whatsapp I click on the contact to send the file and it returns to my the ionic app and does not send the file to the selected contact

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController } from 'ionic-angular';

import * as SoundboardMap from './../../models/soundboard.mapping';
import { Media, MediaObject } from '@ionic-native/media';
import { SocialSharing } from '@ionic-native/social-sharing';
import { Base64 } from '@ionic-native/base64';
  selector: 'page-home',
  templateUrl: 'home.html'
export class HomePage {

  public soundboardData: SoundboardMap.SoundboardMap[];
  public soundboardData2: SoundboardMap.SoundboardMap[];
  public soundboardData3: SoundboardMap.SoundboardMap[];
  public file: MediaObject;
  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public media: Media, public socialSharing: SocialSharing, public base64: Base64) {
    this.soundboardData = SoundboardMap.SoundboardMock;
    this.soundboardData2 =  SoundboardMap.SoundboardMock2;
    this.soundboardData3 =  SoundboardMap.SoundboardMock3;

public playSound(ressource: string){
  this.file ='/android_asset/www/assets/' + ressource);;

public shareSound(ressource: string){
let filePath: string = '/android_asset/www/assets/' + ressource;
//let filePath: string = 'file://android_asset/www/assets/' + ressource I tried that way too.
this.socialSharing.share(null, null, base64File, null).then(() => {
this.socialSharing.share(base64File).then(() => {
  }).catch(() => {
    // Error!
}, (err) => {