Setting App Ionic 3

Good morning I am a programming software (delphi), I should develop an application with 3, the first time you start the application, I should start a screen configuration, where the user selects sample values ​​example var1 = “hello” . var2 = “world”, these values, in general I used a .ini file and saved the values, then I could call in application, now with ionic, i want to figure out how to save the screen configuration values ​​and then call back after done the setting when I reopen the application will no longer have to appear at startup, but it must start the home application like when it does when you install the first whatsapp that makes you configure and then starts the app

Use Ionic Storage:

On app start read the config values, if they are not there or empty show the settings screen. If they are there, just show the normal start screen of the app.

i can use ?

Sure. It’s free :sweat_smile:

You could, but using the other “Ionic Storage” has the advantage that you can also test it in the browser, not only on devices and simulators.