Session Expiry remembering last page for a few seconds?

The token for my application is set to expire after 30 minutes and I have the 401/403 error setup like this:

// 401 or 403 error
  async unauthorisedError() {
    const alert = await this.alertController.create({
      header: 'Session has expired',
      message: 'Click OK to login again',
      buttons: [
        text: 'OK',
        role: 'cancel',
        cssClass: 'secondary',
        handler: close => {
          console.log('close unauthorized');
 = false;
           // do nothing else


So my app is redirected back to the login page in order for them to login again and once theyve logged in theyre redirected straight to the homepage (well should be).

For some reason when the user logs back in again it is reverting to the screen it was on before it timed out for 1/2/3 seconds and then redirecting to the homepage.

Does anyone know how I can stop this reverting back to the page it expired on for a few seconds or is this just the code running and trying to catchup with itself?