Separate set of tabs on pages

Hi there,

I am trying to displaying a different set of tabs on different pages. At the moment 1 set of tabs shows on all pages.
In app.components that tab is set to rootPage = TabsPage; by default, I want to keep this set tabs but only on the homepage and display a different set of tabs on another page.

Any help with this will be much appreciated. Thank you all.

Hey, did you succeed in any way to do that ?
I’m currently having the same issue…

Yes, I ended up creating a custom component for Tabs in the Footer using ion-toolbar because it works betters for my need. But if you want to keep using Ion tabs, you can set a new root page when you are pushing to a page that requires a different set of tabs and set the root page to Tabs Page of your choice.

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could you add the sample code please