Sending push notifications from backend server returns (422) UNPROCESSABLE ENTITY


Hi there,

Any help in the following respect would be hugely appreciated…

I have updated my app to use Ionic Push Beta and I am now getting the response (422) UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY I never had any problems sending push to the old api location. I am sending the following request as per the documentation:

API-Endpoint =
With the following headers:
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer ‘my-authentication-token’

Json =

    "title":"New Message",
    "message":"Hello World",

I have no idea what I could be missing. As I said this all worked before the update to Push Beta.
Thanks in advance



Did you ever get this resolved? Can you possibly explain the process to do this? I am needing to send notifications from a backend service that sends other notfications (ie, text, email, etc) as push notifications to my ionic app, but I cannot find any documentation on how to do so from a backend process. I only see documentation how to do this from the Ionic Dashboard which would not work as we send thousands of notifications daily. Do you have a resource that you could direct me to or possibly explain how you did this?