Sending Push Notification to Ionic Service on Rails Doesnt send message

So i am using the Ionic Push API to send a notification and while i am receiving the notification, i however do not get the message included in the notification. Yes it is weird and i know that but i dont know why it is happening.

This is my code

   params = {
          "tokens" => ["DEVICE_TOKEN"],
          "profile" => "PROFILE_TAG",
          "notification" => {
            "title" => "Partners",
            "message" => "Hello World!",
            "payload" => {
              "$state" => "app.settings"
            "android" => {,
              "content_available" => 1,
              "sound" => "default",
              "forceShow" => true

        uri = URI.parse('')
        https =,uri.port)
        https.use_ssl = true
        req =
        req['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'
        req['Authorization'] = 'Bearer API_TOKEN'
        req.body = params.to_json
        res = https.request(req)
        puts res.body

i get the notification but only the title shows up not the message. So im a bit confused on what i am doing wrong