Send file to Server (php/symfony)

Hello !

I’m trying to send a photo from my phone to a symfony server and I can’t do it.
In the data sent I see that the data is there, but during the recovery, there is nothing left! When I do it with postman it works. What did I miss?

This is my html

<input type="file" (change)="onFileChanged($event)">

This is my component

    onFileChanged(event) {
        const file =[0];
        console.log('File input', file);
        const fd = new FormData();
        fd.append('file', file);
        fd.append('content', JSON.stringify({test: 'I am a test !'}));
        this.produitService.saveImages(fd).subscribe((event => {
                console.log('subscribe Event', event);

This is my service

    saveImages(formData: FormData) {
        const endpoint = `${this.urlApi}/upload/images/produit/7`;
        return, formData, {
            reportProgress: true, observe: 'events', headers: {'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data'}

and this is my symfony controler

$images = $request->files->all();

This is the payload from request
Capture_2021-06-01 102118

Okay I found the solutions, don’t need add the “headers: {‘Content-Type’: ‘multipart/form-data’}”…
Apparently, this headers is handled on its own. I took it off and it works