Selection of buttons (Long Press)

I was trying something in iOS Simulator, when I long pressed a submit button .button .button-positive I found that the selection dialog appeared. I know that in ionic.css both -webkit-touch-callout: none; and -webkit-user-select: none; are available.

Below is a screenshot:

what behavior would you be expecting?

@daniel If I long pressed a button in a native app, I don’t think that it will offer me to copy the button text, I am not sure of the native behavior but I think it would be better if it does not do anything.

Beside that If after long pressing the button and for example navigated to another view or even open the side menu, the selection still appearing. Below is an example of opening the slide menu after selecting the button.

I can’t recreate the problem in my simulator or on the device with stock Ionic CSS.

Try this :

body : {
  -webkit-user-select: none;

FYI : Based on

It’s already in my custom css and in ionic css, I will try tomorrow to reproduce this on a new project and update the post with the result. Thanks Justin :smile:.