Select option programmatically on ion-menu

Hi, i have a menu on my app.component.html wich is more or less like this:

<ion-menu-toggle auto-hide="false">
            <div *ngFor="let option of menuOptions; let i = index">
              <ion-item (click)="selectedIndex = i" routerDirection="foward" class="text-white"
                ng-class="{'active': active}" [routerLink]="[option.url]" lines="none" detail="false"
                []="selectedIndex == i">
                <ion-icon class="text-white" slot="start" [name]="selectedIndex === i ? option.icon : getOutline(option.icon)"></ion-icon>
                <ion-label class="nav-label">{{ option.title }}</ion-label>

and in my home page i want to create a shortcut to one of the pages that the menu displays.
I used the router.navigateUrl and did the job but, the option on the menu is not selected. There is a way to select it from the code?

Does assigning to selectedIndex not do what you want?