Select box ng-change not updating child control in iOS


Select box control doesn’t work as expect in iOS with ng-change option. Web and Android are fine.

Scenarios to replicate in iOS:

  1. Select a group (e.g. Group1) and switch immediately to a subgroup select box. As the result subgroup list stays empty.
  2. Select a group (e.g. Group1), then select another group (Group 2) and switch immediately to a subgroup select. As the result the list stays populated with Group 1 subgroups. Moreover the highlighted text(lens effect) shows the correct subgroups when hovered.
  3. Select a group(e.g. Group 1), then press ‘Next’ on the keyboard accessory bar. Subgroup is not populated.

The can only be replicated using iOS device:

The native iOS select box functionality is not user friendly - to de-select the box you have to tap another control or space area. I found it irritating. Is there a better way to implement select box with options?