Security profiles: credential by given type already active


Hi there,
we’re migrating from ionic 1.1.1/platform 0.2.1 to ionic 1.2.4/platform 0.7.1.

After following the docs I try to edit a security profile for development and I can complete the android tab without problem but when I complete the iOS tab I get an alert dialog with the following message:

Credential by given type already active for this profile.

Obviously, since this is a migration, I’ve already configured a p12 certificate manually for our currently published version of the app (according to the old stuff) but shouldn’t be related to this.

Whats wrong?


Ok, somehow now its working…beta issues I suppose.


For me also it is not working…


I remember having this issue before, and it just happened again. It’s page state.

I removed iOS credentials, replaced them, and had an error submitting because the APN password was mistakenly autofilled. Blanked that field, submitted again, and got the above error. It’s because the credentials aren’t really removed until a successful submission, yet the dialog state doesn’t reflect that in this situation. Refreshing the profiles and credentials page and opening the edit dialog will again give the option to remove and should work correctly.