Secure Storage location and encryption check

Hi. Currently, we are developing a solution that needs to securely store data in an iOS/Android device. For that purpose, we use Ionic Secure Storage. The problem is that we need to know where the data is being saved to check if the encryption is happening. Or maybe there are other solutions to check if the encryption is being used. I cannot launch the app before knowing that the data is correctly being encrypted.

What we discovered is that with Capacitor Storage, the data is saved in Shared Preferences (in Android, I didn’t try in iOS), but when I switch to Ionic Storage (and therefore, Ionic Secure Storage), I cannot find the data anywhere.

The goal is just to check that the Secure Storage (paid library) is encrypting the data correctly, and knowing where the data is saved should be enough to check if it is encrypting or not, of course it should be different the outcome of using Ionic Storage or Ionic Secure Storage, so the location of data would be useful for that too.

Thank you very much!