Second time redirect with $state.go() create Problem


I am going to Develop my application in ionic. i have got an issue with the state redirection method with ionic. i am using the logout facility in my app. at the second time when i redirect to the home page using the anchor tag in the menu bar. it sent my request to the logout state (where the logout controller calling). but they put my page in between and stuck the transferring there.

.state('tabs.logout', {
		url: '/logout',
		views: {
			'menuContent': {
				controller: 'LogoutController' 
	}) ;

.controller('LogoutController',['$scope','$http','$localStorage','$stateParams','$ionicHistory','$location','$state','$rootScope','ngFB',function($scope,$http,$localStorage,$stateParams,$ionicHistory,$location,$state,$rootScope,ngFB) {

//return false;


Please Help…