Search result won't show on iOS device

Hey, guys.
I’m working on search feature, and I made it work, but then realised it’s not working on an iOS device ( show’s nothing) while it works perfectly on the web. Is it something with xCode or what’s happening?



    constructor () {
 // get search results
      this.campaigns = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('campaigns_data'))

    getItems(ev: any) {
      let val =;
      if (val && val.trim() != '') {
        this.campaigns = this.campaigns.filter((item) => {
          return (item.camp_title.toLowerCase().indexOf(val.toLowerCase()) > -1);
        this.showResults = true;
      if (!val || val.trim() == ''){
        this.showResults = true;


<div class="suggested-campaigns">
      <ion-list  style="width: 94%; margin: 0 auto;">
        <ion-item *ngFor="let item of campaigns | slice:0:5 " (click)=goToCampaign(; class="camp-li search-li">
          <div item-left class="list-image" *ngIf="bannerExists(item.defaultBanner) == 1">
           <img class="search-img" src="{{item.defaultBanner}}">
           <div item-left class="list-image" *ngIf="bannerExists(item.defaultBanner)==0">
               <img class="search-img" src="assets/no_campaign_image_125x125.png">
          <span class="small block lighter-color">
          {{ item.camp_title | truncate: 33 }}

and on ios Device, nothing is showing.

Any help would be appreciated ! :confused:

Increasing the z-index of whatever you’re not seeing might do it. Try adding


to the end of it.

.resultContainer {
 z-index: 1000 !important;

Organize your code and put CSS styling in the search.scss

hmm. this trick did not worked this time …

Anyone? :confused: :confused: