Search Input Activation Closes Side Menu

I have a search menu in my application that is located inside of a side menu. I have an issue where the side menu closes immediately when the search input gains focus and the keyboard appears. I can still type and when I re open the side menu the content is there in the search input but I would like the side menu to not close when the keyboard comes up. For info I have confirmed this in Android only so far it doesn’t do this in the browser because there is no keyboard to slide up so I am not sure how helpful a CodePen would be but I made one just in case. The search bar is above the list in the side menu.


Any help would be great!


Well I was able to figure this out from the docs. It seems I needed to set the keyboard behavior in the AndroidManifest.xml to adjustNothing.

  <activity android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize">


  <activity android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustNothing">

I found this here. In case anyone else had the same issue.

Is there another option how to preserve side menu with text input besides “adjustNothing” option? This solution is not solving my problem since i have another text input in my application where “adjustResize” is pretty handy. If I set windowSoftInputMode to “adjustNothing” all text inputs located at the bottom of the screen will be covered with on screen keyboard.

At the moment nothing comes to mind. Maybe someone else could chime in??