Scss library and browser support

Hi there :smile:
We just finished our first ionic app wiii.
Now we are working on a rails/angular project, that eventually also will need an ionic app in addition.

My question is, can I use the scss library for normal websites?
Since ionic uses flex-box there will be some issues with older IE.
But else ?

Looking forward to some comments :slight_smile:

In my personal experience, all problems you will experience can be fixed by changing document structure (sometimes you need an extra container for example) and writing custom css, I’ve managed to support internet explorer 9 and up, as well as most other browsers, if you are interested I can search for the exact versions of each browser that I actually support. All browsers below those versions won’t work with ionic and are a pain to manually support, but don’t really worry, except for ie (which below 9 isn’t really used much anyways) those browser versions are rarely used.

I’ve gotten some problems with internet explorer 9 and centering content (i.e., where ionic will center the content out of the box, it didnt’work on ie9), and of course some spacing here and there. Also “fixed” footer/header had some problems, but nothing we can’t handle :smile:

As for flex-box like things, you just write some custom styles and you’re done :wink: I don’t come across it very often.

Also, for older versions of IE, make sure you’ve got the development vm’s microsoft provided for IE development :slight_smile: The “emulate older version” idea of IE really sucks, doesn’t work “like” the real versions at all.

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That sounds interesting… thanks a lot for your reply.
I think that for this particular project I will need to support ie8…
If you feel like posting a link to the site you have build I would love to see it. :slight_smile:

I will definitely use some of the mixins.

I dropped support for ie8 indefinetely and would not recommend building for it… I had a demand of using ie8,but after explaning why it didn’t apply (honestly, I forgot the details already) I gained permission to drop it… If you HAVE to support ie8, I wouldn’t rely on ionic.

The site is still under construction, you might send me a private message and I’ll check if I could give you a sneak peak (have to check with the client if that’s okay)