scrollIntoView functionality broken after loading changing navigation (router-link)

I have a little Ionic 6 Vue app which has two menu’s - left and right.

When selecting a book, the right menu lists sub-chapter-links. Scrolling to those sub-chapters in the main view is implemented with the [scrollIntoView][1] method.

function scrollToElement() {
  try {
    const elementToScrollTo = divs.value.find((element) => element.localName == scrollStore.scrollElementMain);
    if (elementToScrollTo != undefined && elementToScrollTo != elementToScrollTo.offsetTop) {
      // scrolling
  } catch (e) {
    // logging scrolling error

This works fine until user clicks on left menu links where another books is loaded. No error logging, the scrollIntoView-functionality just doesn’t work anymore.

I am not sure why this breaks the scrollIntoView functionality.

Have tried so many other options and approaches, but without any success.


full code is on GitHub

Question on stackoverflow

Thank You for your help