Scrolling position on back not working inside a row

I have a list of tons of items which linked to next page. I read on another topic that ionic by default will remember the scrolling position when pressing back, it worked for me a while ago. but now after i changed my code here and there, the scroll position always go back on top.

here is my code

<div class="row">
<ion-scroll  class="col scroll-col">
      <div class="list">
	    <div class="row unlimited-items"> 
		<div class="col" ng-repeat = "item in items">
		     <a href="#/tab/{{}}" class="button button-icon">

if i remove ion-scroll, it works just fine but i need to scroll inside that row.

Can you throw together a codepen of this?

That is because you still had scrolling enabled on your ion-content, so the scroll delegate was getting confused.

Either set the scroll to false.

Or use the delegate handling system$ionicScrollDelegate/

thank you again for your help, it works like a charm !!!